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Down to Agribusiness podcast | Agribusiness Intelligence
Down to Agribusiness is a regular podcast series in which industry experts share their insights about what’s going on in the world of agriculture, food and related business sectors.

Every two weeks we’ll be featuring different experts to speak about the subjects that matter to them and to you. Drawing on years of experience and contrasting geographical viewpoints, you'll hear fresh perspectives on those key topics for agribusiness professionals.

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Let's get down to agribusiness!

Podcast episodes

Animal Health analyst Joseph Harvey recently travelled to the Food and Agriculture Organisation’s (FAO’s) headquarters in Rome, where he got the opportunity to explore the topic of foot and mouth disease (FMD). 
In our latest podcast Animal Pharm editor Joseph Harvey discusses key insights from his latest report, 'Animal Pharm Top 60'.
Urea Never Sleeps: TFI 2019 and beyond, Urea analyst Elfi Middelbeek catches up with US-based urea analyst Karl Stenerson on his recent trip to Chicago for the TFI World conference and to catch up on their expectations for the urea market in Q4.
Urea Never Sleeps: A review of the SouthWestern Fertilizer Conference, July 2019: Karl Stenerson our US Fertilizer reporter recently attended the South Western Fertilizer conference in Nashville. Download our latest Urea podcast to listen in as he catches up with Urea analyst Elfi Middelbeek after the conference.

Urea Never Sleeps, IFA Montreal 2019: Following the recent IFA Montreal conference our analysts talk all things Urea. Listen now to understand the key market factors influencing Urea supply, demand, and price.

Urea Never Sleeps, China and the global market outlook: Following a conference in China, our Urea analysts Karl Stenerson and Elfi Middelbeek review the latest Urea market updates.  Listen now to understand more. 
Urea Never Sleeps: Reflections from TFI Orlando. Following the recent TFI Orlando conference our Urea analysts got together to talk all things Urea. Listen now to understand some of the key market factors influencing Urea supply, demand, price and costs.
Is the EU sugar market in the doldrums? In this podcast Senior News Analyst for IEG Vu, Sandra Boga talks to International Sugar Journal (ISJ) editor Arvind Chudasama and Agribusiness reports specialist Alan Bullion live from the International Sugar Organization’s (ISO) annual seminar to discuss whether the EU’s sugar market is in a crisis, as well as other highlights of the event.

Sugar & red meat levies: Health and climate solution or ‘stealth taxes’?. In this bumper episode we have four guests from across Agribusiness Intelligence to discuss what has become one of the most hotly-contested debates in public health policy around the globe – the taxation of food and drink products to change consumer behaviour. 

The start of 2018/19 cocoa season: What can we expect?. In this episode, we mark the start of the cocoa season where we’ll discuss the effects of the latest farmgate prices as well as supply and demand balances for the year ahead.

Ghana’s cocoa 2018/19 loan and the season ahead. Sandra Boga talks to the UK head of Ecobank Edward George to discuss Ghana’s cocoa market following its recently confirmed financial loan for the 2018/19 season

Discussing the recent outbreak of African Swine Fever in Belgium. In this episode, Adam Sharpe discusses the recent outbreak of African Swine Fever in Belgium with IEG Vu meat & livestock analyst Max Green and Animal Pharm Editor Joe Harvey.

Seed industry overview in 2017. The focus is to provide an overview of the seed industry in 2017. In addition to identifying the major factors affecting seed market performance, Yuanjie talks about main regional trends as well as industry structure.

CAP Reform and Farm Bill Progress. In this episode, we discuss the potential changes to EU agriculture as a result of the European Commission’s recently published Common Agricultural Policy reform proposals, with an examination of how the key features compare with the current CAP.

Interview with Alan Bullion: What are the risks associated with the overuse of antibiotics in animals? In this episode, Head of Special Reports, Alan Bullion discusses the growing problems caused by antibiotic resistance, which countries are at greatest risk and what alternative strategies such as antibiotic replacements are being used to combat issues.
Interview with BASF: Sustainable growth makes Asia Pacific the largest global market. In this episode, editor of Agrow, Sanjiv Rana speaks to Gustavo Palerosi Carneiro, BASF Crop Protection’s senior vice-president, Asia Pacific. Having previously worked for BASF in Latin America, he provides interesting insights while comparing the two markets as he identifies factors leading to more sustainable growth in the Asia Pacific region.
The organics sector: A $90 billion market, and growing. The organic sector is on a strong upwards growth curve, with organic food and drink sales in 2016 estimated at just under $90 billion, having achieved growth of around 10% a year since 2000. The sector is growing by around 15% per annum and the potential for further growth is enormous. Following the publication of a new report on the EU & US organics sector, IEG Policy’s Adam Sharpe speaks to the author of the report, Chris Horseman.
CRISPR: Everything you need to know for the crop protection and seed sector. In this episode we get technical with Yuanjie Su, Senior Analyst for Phillips McDougall’s Seed Service. This exciting tool has the potential to revolutionize all aspects of the genetic research community, and is directly related to the seed industry as a versatile tool for genetic improvement. Yuanjie shares his insights from a recent analysis piece available now for Phillips McDougall subscribers.
World Sugar Balance: The data behind the surplus.  The global sugar market is geared for another surplus this 2017/18 season with another one looming in 2018/19. Sandra Boga is joined by Senior Commodity Analyst, Stefan Uhlenbrock, to outline the latest F.O. Licht data and discuss the outlook for the year ahead.
Biopesticides: What does the future hold for this $3 billion market? With a global population that is set to hit nearly 10 billion by 2050, the agriculture sector is tasked with the responsibility of increasing food production considerably in the coming years to meet this demand. One area that has seen considerable growth is biopesticides. Adam Sharpe and Alan Bullion discuss this increasingly prominent segment of the crop protection industry.
Is the WTO dead? Trump's trade agenda and the agri-food sector. Are we on the verge of a trade war that could have an adverse impact on global trade of food and drink products? What about the claim that the imposition of steel and aluminium tariffs by the US means the World Trade Organization is now irrelevant and on its deathbed? Adam Sharpe speaks to policy experts on both sides of the Atlantic, Peter Ungphakorn and Roger Bernard to find out more.
Innovation in Animal Health: Zoetis and Stonehaven Incubate. In this episode Joseph Harvey, Editor of Animal Pharm, speaks to Scott Brown, vice president of external innovation at Zoetis, and Stonehaven Incubate's chief executive Mark Heffernan about their plans to drive innovation in the animal health space.
Crop Protection: Recent and future trends transforming the industry. In this episode Sanjiv Rana, Editor of Agrow, speaks to Jonathan Shoham, consulting analyst for Phillips McDougall to analyse the outcome of the previous year for the crop protection market, and to explore the factors contributing to global market development.
Agri Commodities Outlook for 2018: Part 3 – Cocoa and Grains. This episode is Part 3 of the IEG Vu Global Outlook 2018 series, where Adam Sharpe speaks with industry experts Sandra Boga and Gary Howard to look back at the past year in grains and cocoa, and look ahead to what is to come in 2018.
Agri Commodities Outlook for 2018: Part 2 – Sugar. A recovery in global sugar outputs that set in last year is likely to accelerate this coming season. In this episode, Sandra Boga is joined by senior commodity analyst for F.O. Licht, Stefan Uhlenbrock to discuss global sugar markets, with a special focus on Brazil and Europe.
Brexit, the CAP and a future UK agriculture policy. The European Commission did not mention the UK's withdrawal from the EU at all in its future CAP communication released late last year, but it is clear that Brexit will have a major impact on the formation and construction of the bloc's agriculture policy after 2020. Adam Sharpe speaks to Brexit and CAP expert Chris Horseman.
Agri Commodities Outlook for 2018: Part 1 - Beverages and Dairy. This episode is part one of the IEG Vu Global Outlook 2018 series, in which industry experts review the past year in several agricultural commodities markets, and look ahead at what is to come in 2018. In this episode, expert analysts discuss fruit juices (in particular, apple juice concentrate (AJC)), and dairy products.
European food and agriculture politics: Reviewing a tumultuous year and looking ahead to 2018. Adam Sharpe is joined by expert analysts Pieter Devuyst, Alessandro Mancosu, and Peter Rixon to review the past year in European food and agriculture politics, and to look ahead at what is likely to be on the policy agenda over the next 12 months.
Phosphate Raw Materials: A market update and projections for 2018. The phosphate raw materials market is dynamic. It’s global. It’s very active, and it’s evolving. Alberto Persona, phosphate analyst for Fertecon, shares his market insights and projections for 2018.
The Brexit Effect: Hiked bread prices are looming for UK consumers after UK wheat price surge. UK wheat prices have surged considerably since the UK voted to leave the EU back in June 2016 backed by a decline in the British pound, and costs are now making their way down the supply chain. Sandra Boga explains what this means in the long-term.
Latest Global Dairy Auction Update: Prices, production volumes and analysis. Richard Dillon shares his insights and analysis from the latest global dairy auction (Event 199 - 7th November 2017). Whole milk powder price continues to weaken, while there has been a small uplift in skim milk powder.
Anuga Review: Insights from inside the world's largest food show. Neil Murray and Cristina Nanni from IEG Vu discuss their findings from the recent Anuga 2017 event, which is the world's largest trade fair for food and beverages.
A new era for European sugar: What it means now that EU sugar production quotas have been abolished. Production quotas, which have limited EU sugar outputs since 1968 were finally abolished as from the beginning of October, and for the first time EU sugar producers can produce as much sugar as they can sell. But is this really the start of a new golden age for European sugar?
Hurricane Irma vs the USA’s biggest orange juice supplier. Neil Murray, senior beverages analyst for IEG Vu, explains how crops in Florida - the USA's biggest orange juice supplier - have been affected by Hurricane Irma and what knock-on effects we should expect in juice markets as a result.
Food law: What does Brexit mean for food labelling? The issue of Brexit and how it is likely to impact the food and agriculture industry in the UK, EU and around the world has been a frequent topic of discussion in all agribusiness sectors. In this episode, our attention turns to the food law sector topic of food labelling - through a Brexit lens.
Top dogs: The leaders, movers and shakers in animal health. In this episode, we turn our focus to the animal health sector, the leading companies and growth drivers for 2017. Joseph Harvey, Editor of Animal Pharm, provides us with some exclusive insights into the top ranked companies ahead of the upcoming official top 50 companies report.
The world's feeder: A 10-year outlook on Brazil's sugar, coffee and grains production. In episode seven, we move our attention to agri-mecca, Brazil. The country is set to go from strength to strength following 10-year preliminary mid-term forecasts made by Brazil's Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock Production and Supplies (MAPA). Sandra Boga outlines the ministry's outlook.
China settles its potash contracts – what does this mean for the global potash market? In this episode, we move to the agricultural inputs sector where fertilizer market experts Luke Hutson and Daniel Fletcher-Manuel discuss potash contracts in China and how this affects potash markets globally.
Prices, drivers and the best in juice: Mid-year update on global processed food commodity sectors. At the year’s halfway point, we look at how processed food commodity sectors are performing around the world with Senior Beverages Analyst, Neil Murray and Senior Dried Fruit, Nuts and Spices Analyst, Julian Gale. We hear that US almond shipments are on the up and that orange juice just isn’t cool anymore.
Butter prices: The new front page story. The price of butter is not usually a subject that grabs the front page headlines in national newspapers - but that is exactly what happened in July 2017 in the UK. What is going on, and what is going to happen in the foreseeable future?
Sector scandal and controversy: A Brazilian meat sector scandal and new rules for the organic food and beverage sector in the EU. In this episode, we look at the ongoing scandal in Brazil that has engulfed the country’s meat industry, and we examine the new rules agreed in Brussels on June 28th that govern the European Union’s organic food and drink sector from 2020 onwards.
Brexit negotiations begin: What are the impacts on agribusiness and animal health? The UK and EU have now commenced the so-called Article 50 negotiations that will determine how the UK exits the European Union, and what the future relationship between the two will be. What are the impacts for agribusiness and animal health?
Global agri trade policy and prospects in a changing world |  Part two - UK and the EU. In part two of the series, Chris Horseman and Roger Bernard return to explore how the international trade landscape is now being altered in the European Union amidst the Brexit process.
Global agri trade policy and prospects in a changing world |  Part one - US focus. In this first episode, we take a look at global trade policy from the perspective of the United States. This is the first of a two-part series. In part two we’ll return to look at policy in Europe and the EU.
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