Business intelligence from seed to shelf

The world's largest and most influential agribusiness organisations, look to Agribusiness Intelligence as the leading provider of actionable intelligence across the food and commodities value chain

Delivering you the advantage

Our global team of industry experts provide supply, demand and price data, both historical and forecast, supplemented by expert analysis and insight, including market, company and regulatory news. The services provided help our customers to save time, mitigate risk and maximise profits by reacting first to opportunities.

We help businesses to understand, prepare for and react to increasingly volatile markets; from crop protection and seed, fertilizers and animal health through to the production, manufacturing, trading and regulation of agricultural commodities and food products.

Who we serve:

  • Traders, purchasers and marketers
  • Market and equity analysts
  • Policy and legal professionals
  • Senior and commercial management
  • Hedge funds and investors
  • Transportation providers and related services
  • Researchers and academics
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