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World Fertilizer Review | Agribusiness Intelligence

Whatever your specific focus, to do your job you need to understand the entire fertilizer market. That’s where World Fertilizer Review comes in. It’s a monthly round-up of information on all the major commodities, including ammonia, sulphur, nitrates, potash, phosphate and more.

How it works

World Fertilizer Review is produced by highly experienced analysts who look at the market as a whole. Their analysis also takes into account insights from beyond the fertilizer market, to help you identify opportunities before your competitors.

As well as the comprehensive market overview, the review contains:

  • Published fertilizer price lists
  • Latest sales
  • Shipment information
  • News and company alerts

How it helps

  • Gain an accurate view of the fertilizer industry to inform your business decisions.
  • Flag up developments in allied markets that could affect your core market.
  • Stay on top of commodity prices and the factors that affect them.
  • Identify trading opportunities before your competitors.


Agribusiness topics and trends

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Meet the team


Christine Gregory

Management, Head of Current Information Nitrogen and Potash

London, UK

Christine Gregory

Christine specializes in

  • Urea and phosphates
  • European markets
  • Forecasts
  • Ammonia

+32 years experience


Mark Astley

Analyst, Market Reporter – Nitrates

London, UK

Mark Astley

Mark specializes in

  • Ammonium sulphate markets
  • Urea and phosphates
  • Nitrates

+3 years experience


Kuganiga Kuganeswaran

Analyst, Market Reporter

London, UK

Kuganiga Kuganeswaran

Kuganiga specializes in

  • Ammonium sulphate markets
  • Nitrates
  • European markets

+1 years experience

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