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Global Weather - Mixed Blessings

04 Nov 2019

Weather plays in a key role in determining fertilizer demand by way of expected crop yields, and can disrupt supply and trade routes. Adverse weather fronts are currently disrupting global raw materials markets for ammonia, urea, phosphates, sulphur and sulphuric acid.

Topic Fertilizer supply and demand

アンモニア先物, アンモニア市場レポート, Urea Outlook

Challenges and trends in the global ammonia market

25 Sep 2019

The ammonia market is in oversupply after several new projects started up in different parts of the world in 2018 and the first half of 2019. Ammonia prices have been on a downward slide for 50 consecutive weeks since September 2018. Unlike ammonia, urea and nitrates (the main ammonia derivative products) saw a strong seasonal recovery in prices during the first half of 2019. Recently, the upgrade margin for urea production has been moving around $100, the highest level since 2012. The upgrade margin is the additional earning per metric ton of urea if the due amount of ammonia is processed into urea instead of being sold as merchant ammonia at the market price.

Topic Fertilizer supply and demand

Infographic: Currency Volatility Threatens Imports

11 Sep 2019

Introducing a new monthly Fertecon Market Trends Infographic, in which Fertecon analysts provide comment on a key macro-trend that is impacting multiple fertiliser markets. 

Topic Fertilizer supply and demand

Sulphur Futures, Sulphur Market Report, Sulph...

Webinar: Sulphur Key Market Trends and Outlook

07 Aug 2019

Looking at the key market trends, supply and demand outlook and key developments of the major importers and exporters, the Fertecon team focuses on answering some of the integral questions about sulphur in our latest webinar. 

Topic Fertilizer supply and demand

Phosphates Futures, Phosphates Market Report,...

Webinar: 8 Stories from Key Phosphate Markets

18 Jul 2019

Looking at the four largest markets for phosphate fertilizers (USA – Brazil – India – China) the team at Fertecon summarizes some of the headline stories that have influenced these countries so far in 2019 and presents present a forward look into the next 18 months to see how these may impact global markets. 

Topic Fertilizer supply and demand

Urea Outlook, Urea Futures

Urea Never Sleeps, IFA Montreal 2019

10 Jul 2019

Following the recent IFA Montreal conference our analysts talk all things Urea. Listen now to understand the key market factors influencing Urea supply, demand, and price: The market sentiment and takeaways How the latest India tender has changed things. The role China has played The current state of the US market Expectation for the Brazilian Safrinha demand.

Topic Fertilizer supply and demand

Fertilizer Map of India

08 Jul 2019

This analysis presented by Fertecon. takes a look at key industry data trends and other insights from a leading global market on Fertilizers. 

Topic Fertilizer supply and demand

Urea Futures, Urea Outlook, Nitrogen Market R...

Urea: China and the global market outlook

23 Apr 2019

Following a conference in China, our Urea analysts Karl Stenerson and Elfi Middelbeek review the latest Urea market updates.  Listen now to understand more about the following topics:  The Chinese domestic urea industry <.li> Domestic Urea prices and imports into China Outlook for Chinese exports Sanctions on Iran and re-exports Expectations for the next Indian tender Key updates from other global Urea markets Want ongoing access to Urea market analysis, pricing and forecasting? Request a free demo of Fertecon.    

Topic Fertilizer supply and demand

EU Fertilizer Report, North American Fertilis...

Urea: Reflections from TFI Orlando

By Elfi Middlebeek 22 Feb 2019

Following the recent TFI Orlando conference our Fertecon analysts Elfi Middelbeek and Karl Stenerson got together to talk all things Urea. Listen now to understand some of the key market factors influencing Urea supply, demand, price and costs

Topic Fertilizer supply and demand