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Japan Coffee Import Hits 8 million bags in 2018

According to the All Japan Coffee Association, the rapid increase of consumption is due to the four main factors: A marked change in society with some “Westernisation” of consumption habits; Marketing (with the initial emphasis on soluble coffee then extended to Roast & Ground coffee; The growth of attractive coffee shops and lastly, product innovation including the vigorous promotion and sales of canned ready-to-drink coffee (there are approximately 5 mlnn vending machines all over Japan and half of which serve beverages, including coffee). 

The number of countries exporting green coffee beans to Japan stretches out to over 40. The top 6 countries are Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia, Ethiopia and Guatemala, accounting for 75-80% of the total import volume in recent years. Other countries are rich in variety including Tanzania, Honduras, Laos, Peru, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Uganda, Mexico and Kenya.

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Although the majority of coffee consumption in Japan is arabica, consistently accounting for 70-80% of the market, the robusta has been growing more quickly in recent years. Click here for more information about the factors contributing to the ever-increasing coffee import volumes in Japan. 

Coffee Consumption in Japan

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