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IEG Vantage: Poultry | Agribusiness Intelligence

Unbiased and comprehensive analysis you need, from experts you trust

For over 40 years, the experts behind IEG Vantage has delivered independent and business-critical data, price forecasts, market reports, and expert analysis on a comprehensive range of global commodities, from crops to softs, proteins, and energy.

Confidently tackle your sourcing and hedging strategies

Whether you are in procurement looking for market commentary, in risk management looking for forward curve data, or in investment strategy looking for fundamental market data, IEG Vantage’s analysis helps you understand commodity price drivers, pinpoint new price trends and changes, and put you in front of any price movements and corrections so you can make accurate procurement and hedging decisions, and identify investment opportunities to ensure profitability.

Not just any information, the right information.

IEG Vantage is powered by a combination of a global team of seasoned commodities experts, comprehensive quality research, and robust methodologies.

Our people

Our team of seasoned experts with extensive backgrounds in worldwide agribusiness and agricultural policy are well-connected with decision makers in the world’s largest players in the Agribusiness value chain. When you partner with IEG Vantage, our analysts provides you with valuable perspectives outsiders miss and it plugs you into an enormous agribusiness intelligence network. Our analysts are veteran industry practitioners that intuitively understand your information needs, and our mission is to provide accurate, timely and relevant market data, forecast and expert analysis while maximizing your user experience through the latest technology and continuous support.

Our methodology

Quality primary and secondary research, proprietary sources, innovative technologies, and robust methodologies underpin IEG Vantage’s analysis. The accuracy of our forecasts is built on a combination of detailed proprietary models and an overlay of technical indicators, business cycle analysis, market trends, seasonality, geopolitical effects and weather impacts.

A complete picture of the world of agribusiness

IEG Vantage’s global network of analysts based in key commodity hubs enable deep insight into global markets and gives IEG Vantage the capability to forge connections across global supply chains. Our comprehensive analysis and view of the agribusiness value chain means we understand institutional context, sector dynamics, macroeconomic impacts, and the interrelatedness of commodity markets.

IEG Vantage helps


Seek profits and identify risks

Our independent fundamental analyses and forecasts help you identify the right investment opportunities and confidently enter and exit markets the right moment.

Get ahead of the market

Our market-leading supply, demand and price forecasts allow you to take fast, informed action to maximize opportunities and mitigate risks.

Our insight is your edge

We help you focus on the right trades with our knowledge of the agribusiness value chain. Our understanding of freight rates, inventory flows, impacts from allied markets on your core market, deep industry expertise, and broad industry connections allow us to provide you with unique insights unavailable elsewhere.


Improve your purchasing performance

Our supply, demand and price outlooks improve your purchasing strategy decision-making, ensure sustainable supplies and stocks of raw materials and ingredients, clarify production viability, and help you identify cost saving opportunities.

Strengthen your contract negotiation position

Whether you seek to negotiate advantageously with suppliers or lower logistics expenses, our market data, price forecasts, and expert analysis equip you with information superiority.

Inform forward pricing and timing decisions

Our price forecasts in all major agricultural commodities enable timely tactical purchasing decisions, while our long-term forecasts facilitate effective hedging.


Uncover hidden investment opportunities

We help you uncover and identify the right investment opportunities through our historical fundamental data, our market-leading supply, demand and price forecasts, and our unparalleled understanding of the whole agribusiness value chain, including knowledge of pricing relationships across different commodity chains.

Right information at the right time

Our expert analysts cut straight through to the important issues affecting your markets and go beyond the headlines to provide you with fully actionable views and insights.

Our insight is your edge

For over 40 years, our expert analysts have been providing trusted insight and in-depth analysis of current risks and future opportunities in your markets. Our understanding of freight rates, inventory flows, impacts from allied markets on your core market, deep industry expertise, and broad industry connections allow us to provide you with insight you cannot get elsewhere.

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