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Our 2020 reports

Gene-editing (also known as genome-editing or genome-engineering) is a set of novel techniques that are used for manipulating the genome of an organism at desired locations.
African Swine Fever (ASF) is currently the most important threat to the pig industry worldwide. ASF is a highly contagious viral disease of domestic and wild pigs.
There is little doubt that the market for biocontrol products in agriculture has increased dramatically over the last few years and will continue to do so over the foreseeable future.
In this Animal Pharm report, we chart the evolution of healthcare in intensive aquaculture from its inception to the present day and give our unique insight into the future trajectory for innovation in the healthcare sector, and the impact of the DNA Revolution.
This report offers an in-depth review of ruminant production, assessing it's direction of travel and highlighting key innovations, growth markets and challenges.
In this Agrow report, we discuss the regulatory framework for non-crop pesticides, including plant protection products and biocides, is introduced.
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Our 2019 reports

Fertecon already routinely tracks developments in the feed phosphate market, and against the backdrop of the global debate on climate change and farming practices, we feel it is valuable to present our data and analysis to an external audience. 
How have cannabis regulations changed? What are the global trends and opportunities for new producers? Our latest report shines a light on the cannabis cultivation industry.
Our latest report, Animal Pharm Top 60 2019, is an invaluable and in-depth analysis of the major companies that make up the global animal health sector.
We are pleased to introduce our new Agrow report, which explores the technologies and players involved in providing precision products and services to farmers, particularly for crop protection.
We are pleased to introduce our new Animal Pharm report, which provides an in-depth perspective on global animal health feed additives.
We are pleased to bring you our new Animal Pharm report, which focuses on one of the fastest growing segments of the animal health industry – veterinary diagnostics.
We are pleased to introduce our new Animal Pharm report, which provides a comprehensive overview of the largest segment in the animal health industry – veterinary antiparasitics.
We are pleased to bring you our new Agrow report, which provides a comprehensive review to inform all those interested in herbicides, GM weed control technologies, markets and players.
We are pleased to bring you our new Fertecon report, which provides a comprehensive view of the role of micronutrients in agriculture.
We are pleased to bring you our extensively updated Agrow report, Biofertilisers 2019, which details the global biofertiliser market.
This important report reviews the diverse Research and Development (R&D) approaches currently employed in the rapidly developing global market for pet cancer products and services.
This report explores how the top animal care companies are beginning to converge technologies in animal nutrition, diagnostics, vaccines and therapeutics.
The difficulty in finding novel chemical active ingredients and the favourable environmental profile is driving development of this important sector. 
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Our 2018 reports

The global biostimulant market is at an early stage, but growing rapidly with a CAGR of over 10%. 
The use of digital technology and data in animal health began to significantly gain pace as little as three years ago. This report examines the different areas of technological development in each area of animal health. 
This report focuses on the gastrointestinal microbiome and its impact in animal health. A well-functioning and stable microbiome is important in maintaining good gastrointestinal health.
This important report reviews new active ingredients and focuses on the commercial introductions made during 2012 to 2018. Although the spotlight is on chemical control, updates on bioinsecticides and bionematicides are also included.
The report provides a global perspective of the animal health industry, featuring companies from North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America. 
The report covers the breadth of farm and companion animal populations, based on the latest data available. 
Due to a growing demand for sugar, molasses production has shown an upward trend in recent years. Between 2017 to 2018 a new production record of over 60 mln tonnes was reached.
This report showcases the leading start-up companies in the animal health sector. The report provides an overview of more than 100 young companies in animal health and nutrition as well as in-depth profiles of the top 20 startups.
Vaccines continue to lead the animal health market in terms of innovative growth. There has been significant progress in the pig and poultry vaccine sectors in particular.
This report provides a comprehensive guide to pesticide product registration under the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as well as guidance for pesticide product registration in Canada under the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA).
This report looks at a wide ranging number of topics relating to sustainability and examines the approaches being taken by both public organisations and companies. Best practices are discussed, as well as guidelines on how to establish sustainable claims. 
Our latest report which investigates the history and development of digital farming in Brazil. Agriculture is one of the main pillars of the Brazilian economy, generating 23% of the GNP.

We are pleased to bring you our latest report which explores how integrated pest management (IPM) policies and strategies are being implemented across different countries and regions. 

This report is 423 pages of everything you need to know about crop protection and the respective product registrations in China, Nepal, Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam. It is the combination of our individual reports into these countries. 
We are pleased to bring you our latest report which reviews over 40 Chinese companies with crop protection interests. 
The risk that antibiotic residues may be found in human food and the development of antibiotic resistance in pathogenic micro-organisms are two factors having a huge impact on the antibiotics market.
This report has been fully updated and revised since its previous publication in 2014 and will help you discover vital developments within this important industry. 
This report details the current registration system and processes under the direction of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 
Although the trunk injection industry is relatively small, it is showing positive growth. Companies are looking to supply fungicides, insecticides, fertilisers and plant growth regulators (PGRs) in formulations which can be injected directly into the vascular tissue of trees to better protect orchards, forests, and urban trees. 
The crop protection market of Africa is valued at US$2.6 billion. 77% of this market is made up of insecticides and herbicides. China supplies most of the crop protection products at 31% and India supplies 13%.
Agrow New Generics 2018-2023 is a completely revised and updated edition of this essential report which identifies and profiles crop protection active ingredients whose composition of matter patents will start to expire over the next five years (exact national dates depending on supplementary protection). 
This report provides a detailed outlook of the world sugar and ethanol markets to 2028. It includes extensive statistics and fully covers the EU, Russia, Brazil, the US, Canada, Mexico, Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Australia. 
The economy of Nepal is dominated by agriculture and it supports up to 90% of the population. 60% of the GDP and 75% of the exports of Nepal is provided by agriculture. 
The biopesticide market has shown remarkable growth over the last 15 years. In 2003 global biopesticide sales were as US$ 0.6 billion, today they are at US$ 3 billion, and sales are projected to reach US$ 11 billion by 2025. 
The eradication of malaria is a global issue requiring professionals to fully understand the ecology of the disease vectors. The authors of this unique report have 40 years’ experience across 5 continents and have produced a comprehensive overview of the biology, behaviour, and impact of mosquitoes. 
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