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Author: Dr Clifford Adams | Number of pages: 109 | PDF Report

We are pleased to introduce our new Animal Pharm report, which provides an in-depth perspective on global animal health feed additives.

The global feed additive market has become a very large business. It is estimated that between 38.6 – 66.2 million tonnes of feed additives are produced each year, with the value of the market ranging from approximately USD 20,000 million to USD 36,550 million. Surveys predict a good compound annual growth rate (CAGR) too, ranging from 3.8-6.1%, which indicates that the feed additive market has very substantial economic value indeed.

Part of the reason for the market’s success is down to how feed additives play a very significant role in responding to four major global food issues: food security, environmental impact, sustainability and the use of antibiotics in animals. Changes in legislation, together with consumer activism, should increase the demand for feed additives. With interesting new possibilities on the horizon, including further development of probiotics such as predatory bacteria, the future of the feed additive market will be fascinating.

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