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Fine tuning nutrients in animal feed is key to improving farming productivity

By Neil Murray 13 Feb 2020

When looking at animals specifically, phosphate-based compounds have many different roles (e.g. energy storage via ATP and lipids), yet the major role is to encourage fast and strong development of bone structure. 

Topic Food regulation and policy Global food demand Shifts in geopolitical landscape

Sector API & data feeds Market analysis, price reporting and forecasting Market News and Insight Supply and demand

Animal Pharm

Healthier and more sustainable animals mean healthier humans

27 Jan 2020

The United Nations, as part of its sustainable development goals, has placed a spotlight on the livestock industry, not least the conflict between the environmental impacts of livestock farming and the demands of a growing global population of almost 10 billion by 2050 for meat, eggs and dairy products. 

Topic Food regulation and policy Global food demand Shifts in geopolitical landscape

Sector Market News and Insight

South Korea's Coffee Imports Approach 3 Millions Bags

21 Feb 2019

South Korea's domestic coffee market has been expanding impressively over the past decade,during which consumption surged from about 1.3 mln bags per annum to 1.8 mln today. This translates into 26.5 bln cups of coffee being served last year and an average of 512 cups being consumed per person - among the highest in Asia. Broken down, coffee mixes ranked No. 1, accounting for well over 13 bln cups, followed by fresh roasted coffee making up 4.8 bln cups, with the remainder being canned coffee and various coffee-flavored drinks.  

Topic Global food demand

Japan's Coffee Imports Hit Eight Million Bags

07 Feb 2019

Coffee consumption in Japan, a traditional green tea consumer, grew significantly in the second half of the 20th century. The country's consumption grew from 7.2 mln bags in 2010 to about 8.0 mln bags in 2018 in absolute terms. Today, Japan is by far the largest coffee drinker in Asia, and behind only the United States, Brazil and Germany in the world. Per capita consumption is around 3.8 kg a year.

Topic Global food demand

Honduras Eyes New Export Record in 2018/2019

09 Jan 2019

Honduras exports its coffee to around 55 destinations across the globe. While Germany and Belgium accounted for about half of the country's total exports, there are 10 other countries which are the destination of at least 100,000 bags per year, namely the US, Italy, France, Colombia, the UK, Sweden, Canada, the Netherlands, Japan and Finland. This is up from just six countries the year before and reflects a diversification of export destinations.

Topic Global food demand

Canned and Tomato Products, Beverages, Coffee...

IEG Vu Global Outlook 2019

By Adam Sharpe 01 Jan 2019

Politics, exchange rates and weather all contributed to a volatile environment in agricultural commodity and processed food and drink markets in 2018, but what are the prospects for the year ahead?

Topic Commodity price volatility Global food demand

Sector API & data feeds Market analysis, price reporting and forecasting Market News and Insight Supply and demand

SIAL 2018: IEG Vu’s guide to this year’s Big Show

By Neil Murray 04 Oct 2018

Inside IEG Vu’s SIAL 2018 supplement you will find all you need to know about the event, including how to get there, exhibitor lists for key products, and expert analysis of some of the key trends for French food commodities this year from the IEG Vu team.

Topic Global food demand

Half Year Outlook 2018: Agricultural Commodity Markets Review for H1

By Neil Murray 01 Aug 2018

At the year’s halfway point, IEG Vu experts present their estimates for production, sales imports and exports in certain key processed food commodities around the globe. Download your free copy of this year's report for unique insights from IEG Vu senior analysts.

Topic Global food demand Commodity price volatility