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E.U. Renewable Energy Directive II and What We Can Expect From It

Directive 2018/2001 is the latest set of rules on how to increase the EU’s use of renewable energy (RE) in the decade to come. Like in the previous Directives from 2003, 2009 and 2015, the share of RE in transport (RES-T) is the most controversial part of the new law. Due to this controversy the rules on using alternative fuels and in particular biofuel, be it conventional or advanced, have become very complex. Even though there are still quite some unknowns at this stage - 11 delegated acts and implementation rules still need to be drafted - it is worth the effort to look into more detail at this new Directive and its possible implications for the biofuel landscape.

Setting targets, limits thresholds and multipliers in biofuel-related EU legislation has become a common element, and so it is also in the 2018/2001 Directive. There are three targets set to boost the use of RE, two ceilings that limit the use of certain biofuels as well as new thresholds on GHG emission saving and new multipliers.

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Discussing biofuels means discussing feedstock. These discussions most likely result in controversy as the never-ending 'food-fuel' debate did. In the case of the advance biofuel target, NGOs argue that the feedstock for these biofuels take away feedstock used by other sectors and are therefore not necessarily used in the best possible way. Click below to find out more about the targets but also the limits and thresholds set by the EU with regard to bioenergy policy. 

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