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Sharp Drop in World Molasses Output Fails to Spur Prices

14 Mar 2019

Molasses prices around the world fail to be inspired by the sharp drop in world production forecast for 2018/19.  In the Far East, fob prices are currently in the low to mid-USD90 per tonne only little changed from the depressed levels seen 12 months earlier. In Russia values were around USD80 on an exw basis and in the EU prices hover around EUR135-145 depending on the location.  

Topic Commodity price volatility

Sugar Taxes to Remain Hotly Debated Topic

14 Mar 2019

There are two main issues with sugar. Firstly, sugary calorie-dense foods, such as chocolate bars or fizzy drinks, can easily be over-consumed without realising, leading to weight gain and raising the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Secondly, bacteria in our mouths ferment sugar to produce acid which causes irreversible tooth decay.

Topic Commodity price volatility

Is 2019 a year of change in Indian fertilizer policies?

By Sarah Marlow 12 Mar 2019

India is one of the world’s major fertiliser markets. However, its domestic industry also encounters many limitations and is not able to meet domestic demand. Owing to a lack of decisive reforms and of domestic raw materials (hydrocarbons, phosphate rock, potash), India’s production is not advancing as rapidly as domestic demand. As a result, the country depends heavily on imports, including for urea, which was once a self-reliant sector. India also remains the largest import market for P2O5 (including fertilizers, phosphoric acid, and phosphate rock), and fertilizers have a key role in supporting income for the farming population. The reliance on imports is a risk factor as it subjects India to price fluctuations on international commodity markets. Higher fertilizer prices and weaker exchange rates made imported fertilizers more expensive, raising sharply the total subsidy requirement for year. 

Thai Sugar Industry Weighed Down by Policy Vacuum

06 Mar 2019

The future of the Thai sugar industry remains shrouded in a haze, both literally and figuratively.  In Bangkok, the hazardous haze is mainly generated by the incomplete combustion in car engines. But in Khon Kaen, a major city in the north of the country,the main culprit for the smog is farming practices where planters burn sugar fields before cutting.

Topic Commodity price volatility

Palm Oil Controversy and the EU Biodiesel Market

05 Mar 2019

The European Union’s imports of feedstocks for biofuel production have come into the focus again. France recently approved an end of the support of palm oil-based biodiesel while Brussels published its framework for its 2020-2030 biofuels policy (Renewable Energy Directive (RED) II) which included a gradual phase out of the commodity. Moreover, the global trade patterns are impacted by growing tensions between China and the United States.

Topic Commodity price volatility

Infographic: Evolution of the Leading Agrochemical Companies 2019

By Jonathan Shoham 04 Mar 2019

Phillips McDougall has just published an updated version of its well-known infographic tracing the evolution of the leading agrochemical companies. Events over the past 2-3 years have led to an overhaul of the industry, beginning in 2016 with ChemChina’s acquisition of Adama (then Makhteshim-Agan Industries). Then Dow merged with DuPont, ChemChina made another huge acquisition by buying Syngenta, Bayer acquired Monsanto, and the latest acquisition of Arysta LifeScience by UPL was completed in February.  To keep track of the mind-boggling corporate activity, download this infographic.

Topic mergers and acquisitions Company news

Sharp Drop in World Sugar Output

25 Feb 2019

We present our update of the world sugar production estimate for 2018/19 on a local crop year basis. Our numbers indicate that global production in 2018/19 may fall by 15.0 mln tonnes to 186.2 mln. 

Topic Commodity price volatility

European Fertilizer Report, US Fertilizer Rep...

Urea: Reflections from TFI Orlando

By Elfi Middlebeek 22 Feb 2019

Following the recent TFI Orlando conference our Fertecon analysts Elfi Middelbeek and Karl Stenerson got together to talk all things Urea. Listen now to understand some of the key market factors influencing Urea supply, demand, price and costs

Topic Climate change and weather

Sector Market news and insight Market analysis, price reporting and forecasting Supply and demand