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Interview with Alan Bullion: What are the risks associated with the overuse of antibiotics in animals?

By Alan Bullion 07 Jun 2018

In this episode, Head of Special Reports, Alan Bullion discusses the growing problems caused by antibiotic resistance, which countries are at greatest risk and what alternative strategies such as antibiotic replacements are being used to combat issues.

Topic Company news

Sector Supply and demand Market news and insight


Interview with BASF: Sustainable growth makes Asia Pacific the largest global market

By Sanjiv Rana 21 May 2018

In this episode, editor of Agrow, Sanjiv Rana speaks to Gustavo Palerosi Carneiro, BASF Crop Protection’s senior vice-president, Asia Pacific. Mr Carneiro discusses factors affecting the crop protection market in the Asia Pacific region. Having previously worked for BASF in Latin America, he provides interesting insights while comparing the two markets as he identifies factors leading to more sustainable growth in the Asia Pacific region.

Topic Company news GM Crops

Sector Supply and demand Market news and insight

The organics sector: A $90 billion market, and growing

By Chris Horseman 14 May 2018

The organic sector is on a strong upwards growth curve, with organic food and drink sales in 2016 estimated at just under $90 billion, having achieved growth of around 10% a year since 2000. The sector is growing by around 15% per annum and the potential for further growth is enormous. Following the publication of a new report on the EU & US organics sector, IEG Policy’s Adam Sharpe speaks to the author of the report, Chris Horseman.

Topic Food regulation and policy


CRISPR: Everything you need to know for the crop protection and seed sector

By Alan Bullion 02 May 2018

In this episode we get technical with Yuanjie Su, Senior Analyst for Phillips McDougall’s Seed Service. Yuanjie shares his insights with Alan Bullion from a recent analysis piece available for Phillips McDougall subscribers. This exciting tool has the potential to revolutionize all aspects of the genetic research community, and is directly related to the seed industry as a versatile too for genetic improvement.

Topic Innovation technology and improved productivity

Sector Supply and demand Market news and insight

IEG Vu - Sugar

World Sugar Balance: The Data Behind the Surplus

By Stefan Uhlenbrock 20 Apr 2018

The global sugar market is geared for another surplus this 2017/18 season with another one looming in 2018/19. Sandra Boga is joined by Senior Commodity Analyst, Stefan Uhlenbrock, to outline the latest F.O. Licht data and discuss the outlook for the year ahead.

Topic Commodity price volatility

Sector Market analysis, price reporting and forecasting Market news and insight Supply and demand API & data feeds


Biopesticides: What does the future hold for this $3 billion market?

By Alan Bullion 10 Apr 2018

With a global population that is set to hit nearly 10 billion by 2050, the agriculture sector is tasked with the responsibility of increasing food production considerably in the coming years to meet this demand. One area that has seen considerable growth in market size in the past 10-15 years is biopesticides. Adam Sharpe and Alan Bullion discuss this increasingly prominent segment of the crop protection industry.

Sector Supply and demand Market news and insight

IEG Policy - European Food Law, IEG Policy - ...

Is the WTO dead? Trump's trade agenda and the agri-food sector

By Adam Sharpe 03 Apr 2018

In this episode we turn our attention to trade, and in particular, the fallout from the recent imposition by the United States of tariffs of up to 25% on steel and 10% on aluminium products. China has now imposed its own retaliatory measures that include a number of US agri-food items such as pork, nuts, fruit and wine - with the threat of more to come. Are we on the verge of a trade war that could have an adverse impact on global trade of food and drink products? What about the commentators who are claiming that such actions by the US mean the World Trade Organization is now irrelevant and on its deathbed? Adam Sharpe speaks to policy experts on both sides of the Atlantic, Peter Ungphakorn and Roger Bernard to find out more.

Topic Food regulation and policy

Sector Market news and insight Market analysis, price reporting and forecasting

Animal Pharm

Innovation in Animal Health: Zoetis and Stonehaven Incubate

By Joseph Harvey 28 Mar 2018

In this episode Joseph Harvey, Editor of Animal Pharm, speaks to Scott Brown, vice president of external innovation at Zoetis, and Stonehaven Incubate's chief executive Mark Heffernan about their plans to drive innovation in the animal health space.

Topic Innovation in animal health

Sector Market news and insight